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Reasons for Discontinuing Medical Mobile Vehicle Service

The Kwan-In Welfare Society medical mobile vehicle was established in 1976. The initiative initiated by the late founding chairman of the association ,Dr. Lim Yifeng, and is the most proud charity service of the Association.   

Since its establishment 45 years ago, medical vehicles have been galloping in all districts of the Lion City, providing medical treatment and medicine to compatriots of all walks of life and ethnic groups regardless of the rain or shine, which has been widely recognized and appreciated by all walks of life.

Due to social changes, coupled with the raging coronavirus disease (covid-19) epidemic, the prevention and control of the epidemic is severe, and the Association has to make a final trade-off. In the 129th issue of The sound of Mercy , there is an article "Talking about the removal and retention of mobile medical vehicles and the problem of hair repair in Telok Ayer Road Clinic", which was published by Dr. He Zizhong, Secretary of the Executive Committee at that time, on the removal and retention of mobile medical vehicle services. discussion and opinion. What let us finally decide is that the epidemic is raging, mobile medical vehicles are unable to visit patients normally, medical vehicles have been suspended for nearly two years, and services cannot be resumed in a short period of time due to the impact of the epidemic. In addition, the car inspection fee, maintenance fee, insurance, road tax, etc. which is constantly spending money. If you wait another one to two years, the car will be worthless and the loss will be even greater. Therefore, the executive committee members unanimously decided to pass the medical car for resale,  and the evaluation conditions will be evaluated in the future


This decision is desperate, we hope that people from all walks of life will understand and continue to support the follow-up work of this Association, everyone encourages us!.


Cancellation of Double Celebration  for Year 2022

In view of the further spread of Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in the community.  Therefore, the Association has decided to cancel the celebration of the 29th May 2022 Double Celebration.  We seek your forgiveness and pray that the epidemic can disappear as soon as possible.

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